Amoropii Hot Springs

Amoropii Hot Springs in Nebbi District of Northern Uganda

Amoropii hot springs is found in Nebbi district in northern Uganda. Amoro locally means hot and pii translates as water in Alur language and it is from that meaning that the hot spring was named.

The Hot springs are among the tourist attractions in northern Uganda that tourists from different parts of the world should pay a visit to for learning purpose and enjoyment of nature. The hot springs in Uganda are well dispersed across the different regions of the country with each one of them being unique to the others.

What are Hot Springs? 

Hot springs are springs of naturally boiled water that rises above the earth’s surface to form a pool of hot water from geothermal activity on the floor of the crust of the earth.

Getting to Amoropii Hot Springs

To access the hot springs, one should have permission for proper guidance and failure to do so, visitors may get snake bites and bareness for women. The people around the springs primitively believe that the physical feature has got powers to cure diseases, give a soft and tender skin and more like giving children to the barren women. With such naive beliefs, the Alur people offer sacrifices including sheep to the gods of Amoropii every after six months for appeasement.

Uses of Hot Spring Waters

Amoropii hot springs are said to contain various minerals that include radium, lithium, calcium,, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium sulphate plus many more. Some of these minerals are of medicinal value to the local people. Some of the hot springs which contain very hot water however may cause bodily damages like burning as a result of hot temperatures.

Other Hot Springs in Uganda

Apart from Amoropii Springs, Uganda has other similar water features including Sempaya and Kitagata hot springs. The rest include Rwagimba hot springs, Buranga hot springs, Ihimba hot springs and Kibiro hot springs.