Activities in Kidepo National Park

Activities in Kidepo National Park

Tour and safari Activities in Kidepo National Park are quite amazing for travelers who want to feel the uniqueness of the African wilderness. Kidepo National Park is found in the far north eastern Uganda near the Uganda-Kenya and South Sudanese boarder. Its among the parks where safaris in Uganda are carried out.

Game Drives Safaris in Kidepo Valley

Wildlife is mainly lively in the Narus Valley in the early morning hours as well as the late afternoon. Morning game drives begin at 6:00 am whereas the evening ones run from 4:00 pm and run to sunset. Anyone on a safari advised to use a ranger at all times to help you be able to see some lions commonly sitting on the rocks of Narus Valley. Among the wildlife offers leopard, elephants, bush duiker, bush-buck, jackal, bush pig, buffalo, Kavirondo bush baby and many more.

The park’s scenic drive is fantastic to the amazing longer sightings of the eyes. The hour-long drive to Kanangorok Hot Springs runs through some splendid sceneries. North of Apoka, past the river crossing, the road goes between rock ridges and hummocks before sliding into the Kidepo Valley, intersecting into the Kidepo Sand River as well as crisscrossing the open grasslands that spread past Kanangorok Hot Springs near the mountains across the South Sudanese border. And this is the portion of the park where ostriches are frequently found.

Bird Watching in Kidepo Valley

Apoka Rest Camp is a wonderful area for enjoying a birding encounter. Birds may as well be seen on the peripheries of the famous Narus and Namamukweny Valleys. Some of the bird species include the Purple Heron, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Abyssinian Roller and Clapperton’s Francolin, that is found Kidepo Valley only. Kidepo birding can be arranged and done in the morning and evening.

Nature Walks in Kidepo Valley

The Lomej Mountains are accessible by foot in a four-hour trek that usually begin by 7:00am. There are also shorter guided strides of about two hours that may be done through the Narus Valley covering a radius of 5 kilometers from Apoka Tourism Centre. Guests can also walk along the fabulous Kidepo River Valley sandwiched between the banks of an eye-catching borassus palm woodland. Namamkweny Valley is reachable in one hour from Apoka. Tourists can also meet members of the IK tribe in the programmed walks to the Morungole Mountains outside Kidepo Valley National Park.

Cultural Encounters in Kidepo

Lorokul Cultural Group, the infamous cattle-herding Karamojong inhabit northeastern Uganda, in an area occupying the country’s one tenth. Find out the unique culture of this secluded tribe with the Lorukul Cultural Group found outside the park. These people’s major source of living is from livestock keeping. The social and cultural importance of herding will be clarified as you tread with the guides to the Karamojong homesteads known as Manyattas, their granaries as well as cattle attachments. You will also learn how the village dwellers make their unique beads, try the local cooking plus meeting the Karamojong King, who will relate the tribe’s traditional stories and philosophies.