1 Day Uganda Equator Tour

1 Day Uganda Equator Tour in Kayabwe Mpigi

The 1 day Uganda Equator Tour takes you to the major equator point in Mpigi district along Kampala- Masaka road. During this day trip that runs from Kampala, you will be able to visit the traditional drum makers of Mpambire along the highway. These people also make several local musical instruments and handicrafts.

Uganda Equator

Trip Itinerary

The driver guide will pick you up from Kampala in the morning to start your 1 day trip to the Equator. You will make the first stop at Mpambire where the drum makers visibly display several already-made drums. The drum makers will take you through the process of how drums are made from trees stems and cattle hides. Among the traditional musical instruments you should expect to see include, the drum itself, adungu, the African strings and many more.

From Mpambire, continue to the Uganda Equator at Kayabwe near Nkozi town. The place is mainly for photo taking as well as visiting the various handcraft shops around the site. You will have lunch at the Equator, have some relaxation and later drive back to Kampala where you will arrive in the evening. This marks the end of a day trip to Uganda Equator and the drum makers.

Uganda Equator Tour

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