1 Day Trip to Mabamba, Drum Makers and Equator

1 Day Trip to Mabamba, Drum Makers and Equator

This is a 1 day trip to Mabamba Swamp, drum makers and the Uganda Equator to appreciate birding, culture and geography. The tour to Mabamba Swamp entails a Shoebill birding experience, Mpambire Drum Makers for a traditional and cultural tour and the Uganda Equator where geographical demarcations and scientific proof are confirmed.

During the trip, one should expect to see the Shoebill stork plus a variety of bird species during a calm canoe expedition in the swamp. After Mabamba tour, you will proceed to Mpigi to visit the drum makers and the Uganda Equator.

Detailed 1 Day Trip Itinerary: Mabamba Swamp, Mpambire Drum Makers & Uganda Equator Tour

You will be picked up from Kampala at 7:00am and transfer you to Mabamba Swamp. You will go off Entebbe road by driving through Nakawuka, Kasanje to the swamp. Alternatively, you will drive straight top Entebbe, connect to Nakiwogo landing site. From here, you will take a ferry cruise to Buwaya landing site from where you will proceed to Mabamba swamp.

Nakiwogo and Buwaya are two landing sites separated by the waters of Lake Victoria, one of the major water bodies in Uganda. Nakiwogo landing site is also a place where trips to Ssese Island begin from with a ferry for people going for romantic vacation tours.

1 Day Trip to MabambaOn arrival there, you will be briefed and then start the tour of the swamp on a powered canoe. Expect to spot the much-sought Shoe-bill stork, common swamp hen, black crake, white-faced whistling duck, spar-winged goose plus a variety of water birds. In the afternoon after a thorough tour of the wetland watered by Lake Victoria, you will continue to Mpigi along Kampala-Masaka highway where you will visit the drum makers and well as standing at the Uganda Equator. You will have lunch at any of the restaurants around the Equator Point.

The Uganda Equator point is an imaginary line that separates the northern Hemisphere from the Southern hemisphere. You will also have a water experiment here. Water is put in the rolling funnel and it starts running clockwise while in the northern Hemisphere. When the same water is transferred to the southern hemisphere, it runs anti-clockwise. This is an amazing moment to marvel about. While here, have a chance to visit the various shops that sell mainly handcraft. In the evening, return to Kampala and the driver will transfer you to your hotel, marking the end of the one day Mabamba swamp tour, visit to drum makers and a tour of the Uganda Equator.

If time is enough while on this trip, you may choose to go further ahead and visit the Buwama Crocodile Farm in Mpigi and enjoy facing crocs in their confinements.

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