1 Day Entebbe City Tour

1 Day Entebbe City Tour

A 1 Day Entebbe City Tour is a short trip that will take you visit all the top sights and attractions in Entebbe area. The major places to visit during this short excursion include the Botanical Gardens and Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) also known as Entebbe Zoo. Others are the white sand beaches which are also great picnic places to relax at by the water side as Entebbe city is entirely surrounded by Lake Victoria, the biggest lake in the world. This day trip around Entebbe area falls under the many 1 day tours in Uganda that mainly starting from the Kampala City to places which not far in mileage. This tour may begin from Entebbe or Kampala as well.


You will be picked up from either Entebbe area or Kampala to begin a one day tour of all the picnic and leisure places in Entebbe. These include the Botanical gardens which is a home to several species of birds, bird flies as well as unique tree and plants. From here, you visit the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, which is a zoo for several animal species in artificial confinements. The mammals brought to this place from different areas of Uganda especially the parks and wildlife reserves include the African Big Five which are the Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and Elephant. Others are chimpanzees, the rare Shoebill Stork, monkeys, giraffe, cheetah and others.

From here, you will be going for lunch at any of the several hotels in Entebbe after which, you will continue with the tour. Other picnic places to visit include Kitubulu Forest and beach, Spenah Beach, aero beach, landing sites of Nakiwogo and Kigungu to see how locals live and do fish trade. From the landing sites, you will end the tour with a visit to the Uganda Reptile Village near Entebbe. This village is a place where several reptile species are being conserved. These include snakes like cobras, boom-slang, skinks, monitor lizards, tortoises and many more. After the tour, transfer back to Kampala, stay in Entebbe or be dropped off at Entebbe International Airport in case you have a flight later in the day.

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